“Funny as hell, wigged out in a really good way. And even the 80’s drum sounds and programming sound somehow fresh to my ears, right now. This stuff oughtta be heard, you know?”
Samm Bennett, singer, songwriter and rhythmist, member of the band Skist

Brilliant! Really, totally original. If it resembles anything, it is Byrne-Eno’s My Life Bush of Ghosts, but it defies such comparisons, really. The guitar in ‘Riverrun’ is gorgeous, reminiscent of the Dead circa Aoxomoxoa, or Phil Manzanera’s guitar treatments. The lyrics are excellent, evocative of a pretty messed-up world.”

Chris Burke, composer, co-creator of the award-winning online gamespace talkshow, This Spartan Life

“Insane genius. You are the last beatniks. When are you guys performing at the Democratic National Convention?”

Chris Nakashima-Brown, SF author

“Not quite danceable, but clever and often pretty damn funny! (Though not everyone
would find Rudolph Hess funny, precisely.) Best played, I believe, late at night when the kids are asleep and the lights are low and the occasional car alarm or  drunken howl comes wafting off the urban streets.”

Andrew Roth, author of Infamous Manhattan

1 Response to “Applause Meter”

  1. 1 harisahn January 12, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    Dark, twisted, grizzled, grindy music. On “Tightening the Screws,”
    Dery’s rising and falling cadence slithers sinuously over spooky
    macabre words. Some nice little led Zep-type licks in there. Some of the sonic landscapes are pretty wild texturally.
    CLEAN SWEEP WITH AN IRON BROOM has a nice Africa feel. That elephant-like sound is cool. I hear a bit of a cassette 4-track sound, now and then, that sounds demo-ish but who cares? It’s kinda cool now.

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